STO is going Free to Play by the end of the Year

Don’t read this doom and gloom like some people are reading this. It was leaked early on the STO forum s that STO in fact is going to be free to play by the end of the year. Its really not that bad if you think about it. It may seem that they may not being good, but that may not be the case.

After doing some reading, I found that it really is not a bad thing. People will spend more in the Cstore more with this model. They could actually bring in more money this way than just with subscriptions alone. Subscriptions will not be going away as they may be better value to you than being a free player. Free players do not typically get access to everything.

Think of this as a way for new players to test the game out before they decide to commit to the game. Then they would get the subscription. Personally, the lifetime is more worth than the month to month even when they go free to play.

Let me explain why. Both month to month have the same access to the game. Nothing is left out in regards to extras they would get compared to free players. Both month to month and lifetimes would get stipends for the cstore. At some point, lifetimers will be coming out ahead as what they would pay for so many months. On top of it all they have the same access as the month to month player and would still get the stipends even when they break even.