Are Some MMO Players Spoiled?

I have been really playing MMOs since STO came out. These days, I only play STO and SWTOR. WOW I never had any interest, but I did want to play MMOs, but the right one. I wanted one that I really liked and not many really interested me. I am a scifi girl.

The thing I have noticed is that people always compare almost all MMOs to WOW. It really is understandable as they are successful MMOs. Because of this, I feel a lot of players are setting the bar to high. People don’t want to pay the sub fee because they do not feel that it’s worth it.

Maybe I am not as picky as many MMO players, but I think you have to give them time to work on the content. It canâ’t come out overnight. Bugs are hard to track down at times. You have to give them a chance and don’t expect the game just like WOW. Because of this, I really feel a lot of games are going toward the F2P model. F2P is not a bad model if done right, but a lot of them are there to make money.