Game Crashes

It has been almost a week since my computer crashed while playing SWTOR.  I do not blame them like a lot of players do.  Sometimes when it comes to problems with games, it is on your side but other times, it is not the case.  It crashed my computer three times.  I know it is not isolated to SWTOR as I was starting to lag in STO.  This all tells me that it is on my end and not theirs.


I did all of the maintenance that was possible to fix the problem.  I even updated the drivers.  None of which helped.  I am writing this post on a Toshiba Qosimo which I have had over 4 years now.  This tells me that this could be a graphics card issue.   When it comes to computers, anything can go wrong.  I could be wrong on this.


When this computer was close to a year old, it died on me.  From previous experience, I knew part of the problem.  One of the problems was that it was the motherboard.  Since it was still under warranty at the time, I sent it in for repairs.  It took them a month to repair the computer.  It was real pain in the behind for it to take that long to be repaired.  I know when we called it in; they thought it was the hard drive.  I just knew it was not the case.  I have never had a hard drive die on me yet.   They replaced things.  I know one was the motherboard and the other was the graphics card.  I can’t remember offhand what the other thing they replaced.


To me, I think it will be easier to replace the computer than spend the money to get it repaired.  I know some of you will say, gaming is not for laptops.  This is a gaming laptop and I love it.  The main reason is if I have to change rooms, I can take the computer with me.  There have been many occasions when I had to go in the other room like if the landlord coming over to fix something in my room.


As soon as I can afford it, I will be getting a new Toshiba Quosimo.  I hope before it dies totally.



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