Big Fleets/Guilds Split

It really not unusual for a big guild or fleet to split up.  I have had experience of being in both big and small fleets and guilds and personally, I like being in the bigger ones as there is more people to play with.  I am currently in big fleets and guilds in STO and SWTOR.  Recently though, the fleet I am in with STO split away from a bigger fleet.  We were in fact the bigger part of the fleet so it did not effect us to much.  The reason why a lot of fleets or guilds split up is because of the problems and these problems are not able to be fixed.

You  may be asking what fleet was I part of and I really can’t say.  What I can say is that they in fact had 3 fleets.  There was one for each lingual division.  I ran the English Division which was the biggest division of the fleet.  When it came to splitting from them, it was one of the hardest things that I had to do, but it had to be done.  This also involved the CIC and DCIC coming along.  We did take the ED fleet with us so we did not loose anything when it came to splitting from the fleet.  We are now known as Taskforce Atlantis.  The reason why we did this is that we as ED members put a lot in when it comes to the fleet and it only made sense that we keep this fleet.  All we had to do was rename the fleet.

I know I have not stated as to why we split other than there were problems and that there was.  Many members have seen this for a long time.  The fact of the matter, it really has been coming a long time and it was just a matter of time til we said that we had enough.  ED and Global were not treated in the same way as GD or FD as the fleet founder did not bother them.

Let me say this much. He in fact disappeared on this fleet shortly after the game came out and left it to the fleet staff to run it.  If it was not for everyone, the fleet would have died a long time ago.  Rhys and Eddie did a really good job of running the fleet.  if it was not for them, the fleet would not have gotten as far as it did.  Since the fleet founder was seeing that the fleet was thriving, he wanted to take his CIC  back, but as a fleet we decided not to give him that position back.  He was the founder at all and that we were not going to take away from him, but he was not going to run the fleet.  Members came and trusted Eddie and Rhys and as such it was not a good idea to change it.  It was not about power but more about what was the best for the fleet.

Because of that, it was increasingly hard to work with the fleet founder. He has caused a lot of fights with the memberbase.  A lot of the rules that were in place for the fleet were because of him and not because of we as ED members wanted.  One of the biggest fights we had as a fleet is fleet uniform.  Many of the members did not like the fleet uniform rules.  Most of the other fleets out there, the uniform was only for really special events.  Still, we had to wear it more than most of the other fleets out there.  There were members that did not stay because of that or there were people that did not join because of that.  In a nutshell, that chased away a lot of the good people that we could have had within the fleet because of this rule.

It always felt if we did not agree with him, that it did not matter.  He was always right.  We were always wrong.  It did not matter what we think.  It was his fleet so he thought he could bully us to whatever way he wants.  He could talk to people however he wants without any regards for their feelings.

Ironically, the 4 most vocal people in the fleet are the one’s that accounts got deleted from the forums. Accident my ass.  In the end, the split is good as all fleets move on and do what is the best for both fleets.  The point is we have moved on and will be a better fleet.