Gaming Forums are Toxic

One of the things I hate about gaming forums is the players that are on there.  I am for the most part a reasonable person.  I am thinking of ways to improve the game.  I’d say that SWTOR is the worse of all of the forums I have been on which is why when I am subscribed, I hardly ever post on there.  That is probably also why some people stay away from them as some gamers don’t want to be subjected to the attitudes on the forums.  Granted there can be good information on the forums, but posting on the forums does more harm than good for some people.

If I want to put suggestion for the game, I would really love to send it privately rather than having to post it on the forums.  A big percentage of that time people shot down idea because of their elitist attitudes when maybe someone’s idea may have merit.

There are a lot of games that have gone free to play, but people still have the mindset that the subscribers are more important and the only way to go.  People forget there are multiple games out there these days and people have to pick and choose which game they sub for a given month.  We did not have that years ago.

Since SWTOR went free to play, there has been countless discussions on the forums about how to improve the free to play experience and every time it has been knocked down by people that believe this game should be only subscription based.

I would honestly love to see them ease up on the restrictions for the free to play and preferred status players.  It will never happen because of the ones that scream the loudest.  Lets not forget some of the people that start out as free to play end up subscribing or paying $5 to be converted to preferred status.  Those people that become preferred would probably spend more money in their cash shop if they did not have the restrictions they have.  Remember subs and preferred status players are actually supporting the game but yet preferred status players are treated like they don’t support the game when they do.

I remember the blog post that was post about easing up on the restrictions when it comes to PVP.  That we will never see because after that blog post, people came screaming on the forums about lifting that restriction.  I am sure that is the reason why they never did it.  They could have lifted the restriction and did what they did with GSF.  If you are preferred or free to play, you don’t get the full amount of valor.  They could have reused the passes they have now, but instead they would get the same amount of valor as a sub.