Finding the Perfect Guild

My first MMO was STO. Since then, I have moved to playing other MMOs. The current one that I play more often is SWTOR. Between STO, SWTOR and other MMOs, I have been in multiple fleets and guilds. With that, I have seen the good and the bad. None are perfect and none are created equally. What may be right for one person, may not be right for the next person. Sometimes you do have to guild hop until you find the right guild.

For me, I have been in both large and small guilds. They each have their pros and cons. In a large guild you have more people to play with, but there is always a chance that some players get left out. In a small guild, they are more close knit but not as many players to play with. Typically in a small guild, people know each other more. Both large and small guilds can be close knit, but small ones are more likely as there is less people.

There is also guild focus. Some are either PVE, PVP or both. I am a well rounded player, so I like to be in a guild that is a little of everything. There are guilds that have drama and some that hardly have any. A guild is as good as their members. I’ve been in a couple guilds that were a multi-game community. One of them had claimed that they were a laid back community. In actuality, they were not. There was one chapter that they had one rule in place and then months later change the rules which can effect certain players. There is also the case of them having some elitist players who think their way is the only way and refuse to try things the other way.

The thing is, no matter what type of guild you are in, there will also be that one person you do not get along. Its the same thing in real life. For me, I’d like to put my distance from those people.

I have been officers in many of these communities. Some you actually had to do Paperwork (figuratively) and other ones you did not. The ones that I actually enjoyed were the ones that did not require you to do any paperwork. Even though you are an officer in a guild, you should not have to do tons of paperwork. Its a game and you should have fun.