SWTOR Moved West Coast Servers to East Coast Data Centers


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This week after server maintenance this week, they let us know that they had moved the West Coast Servers to the East Coast Data Center. I see things from both sides of the coin. I see why they did it, but the way they did it was not a very good thing to do. Even if they let everyone know ahead of time, the same end results were going to be. People will be upset and that is a given. People will threaten to stop their sub and so on.

For me, I am in the Central time zone, so I am not impacted at all by this change. I played on servers on both sides. There was only a 20ms different between both sides. I have even played on european servers and the server lag was in the 100ms range. I really never seen much a difference no matter what server I play on. I know some people may not agree with me and I don’t have to agree with them, but I can see their point of view.

I will say this much, I am a bit of a competative person so getting into PVP has always been my thing in every MMO that I do play. This game was no different and this was my 2nd MMO at the time when I started playing this game. The first two years of this game, all I did was PVP. I may have done story in between but I kicked ass no matter what server I was on and I know that the people hated me in PVP. Back when sage force wave was a 360 knockback, I used to knock people off constantly in huttball which was my favorite thing to do 🙂

My point is, at least for West Coast US players, it should not make any difference that they moved the datacenter to the East coast. At most, you are getting about 100ms server lag. That really isn’t a whole lot and you still be competative. For Apac people, I understand where they are coming from. They are a case as to why the servers should not have been moved though.

I see why though that they moved the servers as California is one of the most costly states when it comes to paying for anything. I am sure that it cost way more than what it cost for their east coast data center. There is really no good situation here. Someone always looses out. The only real solution for the Apac people at least is that they move the servers back to west or give them back a Apac server.