Standalone Versions

Something I was thinking about.  Its a scary thought and there are times I have what you may consider a crazy idea.  I was thinking about MMOs and not everyone is lucky to have good internet or that the latency to the game server is terrible to where you are lagging constantly.

A lot of MMOs these days are story driven.  If you are a type of person who loves the story part of MMOs, that won’t be so bad to go this route.

The reason why I was thinking about this is because of what recently happened with SWTOR and that some people were negatively impacted by what they did with the servers.

Why not have a standalone version of SWTOR or any other MMO?  For SWTOR, they could still do story, solo flashpoints, herorics, grabbing mats and crafting and any other solo activity.  How could this work, you still would have to download the character from the character select screen and the character would be saved both locally and back onto their server.  I know it may feel lonely, but at least it would be another way to play the game without having to give it up entirely.

Not everyone is lucky to have decent internet and there has to be some sort of workaround for the ones that are left in the dark but still would love to experience the game.