My Gaming Setup

Here is my current Gaming Setup. Years ago, I had no interest in alienware but that has changed in the last couple years at least.

I took my time to decide on a laptop. Last november I believe when there was a black sale, I ordered my first Alienware laptop so I have the Alienware m17 r2. That means this is the 2nd version of Alienware m17. I debated between multiple computers. I even looked at acer but I decided that this was the better choice plus I was able to get financing on this which I am still paying on but day by day its going down.

I did not get the top of the line computer but close to it as I felt I did not need a I9 processor and a RTX 2080 Graphics card. I opted for a I7 processor and RTX 2070 Graphics card. If I decide that I want something better, I can always get the amplifier and add the graphics card I need.

Yesterday, I finally recieved my monitor which is also an alienware one which is 25 inches. I can say that its one of the best monitors I have had so far. I like how in the back there is buttons and one button that is a joystick in the back to move it around better.

I also have a logitech headset. There is also two usb hubs. One on the right and the other on the left that I have attached to the legs of the desk.

Z game controller so that I can play some games on the computer with. I also have two SSDs that I have connected to the USB hub on the left. They were originally internal hard drives that I turned to external when I switched to a laptop and got rid of the desktop. I bought ugreen 2.5 hard drive enclosure. The old desktop I got rid after I recieved my new laptop as the desktop was so out of date that I could not do everything I could do on the laptop.