• Core World Changes

    Drawing inspiration from the success of last year’s 12x XP boost and the more recent Epic Story XP Boost, in Fallen Empire we’ve altered the core leveling experience from 1-60 for all players, making it quicker and more story-centric. Our goal is to create a tighter leveling experience that alleviates the fatigue associated with having […]

  • Delta Recruitment Rewards

        The Rewards have been posted at Its only 3 days away before the event starts.  I plan on making at least one for this event if not more.          

  • Release Notes: March 12th, 2015

    General: Level 50 enemies in all Normal PvE Queues will now reward the equivalent amount of Skill Points of defeating a level 60 version of that enemy. Crystalline Cataclysm: Resolved an issue which was causing players to not receive credit for completing the event. Updated rewards so that the player can choose any type of […]

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