SWTOR and Amazon

Okay, so the other day I noticed that amazon stopped selling all digital SWTOR items. That means game time and cartel coins. I noticed some weeks ago, they stopped selling 180 day game time and now its everything that is digital that they are not selling.

For me, its not a good thing. That means I have to reshuffle things around. For a while I was paying through paypal to pay for my sub, but I ended up changing over to amazon about a year ago. It has always worked perfectly for me. I get gift cards on a regular basis and that was the best way for me to fund my SWTOR subscription. At least I have a month to prepare and plan for it. Still, its a big blow. I still will be getting amazon gift cards, but they will be used on other things that I may need or want.

Just so you know what was funding me with gift cards which are: